No more flipping between platforms to check results

Call Analytics integrates directly into Adwords, Bing and Facebook platforms.

All your call data integrated right where you need to see it – next to your media spend.

Only display unique phone numbers for the campaigns you want to track

Call Analytics makes it easy to select the campaigns and traffic sources you need to set up.

Traffic Sources

It’s as simple as checking a box.

Listen to Any Call to Confirm Quality

Call Analytics records each call to confirm accuracy and evaluate how your sales team is communicating.

Call Reports

In just a glance see call details including name, duration, location, phone number and interaction ratio between agent and customer.  Easily tag the conversation and download it for further review and analysis.

Segment Calls by State, Town, and Zip Code

Segment Calls

Call Volume By Hour And Date

Call Volume

Take Advantage of Real Time Reporting

Reports PPC driven calls in Adwords, Bing, Facebook etc… in virtually real time so your bidding can be optimized around calls not just online conversions.

Beat your competition by testing same day offers. Learn in minutes not days! Other solutions that integrate with Google Analytics have a 24-72 hours delay or “import” that data into Adwords from Analytics which can delay your reporting and decision making.

Get in Touch and We’ll Schedule a Live Demo

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll know if Call Analytics is right for you.

Call Analytics Dashboard